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While we can't promise that your meal will be guilt-free, we can promise that your dinnerware will be.

Our environmentally-friendly plates, bowls and serving dishes are made only from two products: fallen leaves and water. They're non-toxic, biodegradable, compostable, durable, lightweight, convenient and downright stylish.
Biodegradable   Biodegradable

VerTerra products will completely biodegrade naturally within 2 months after use in home and industrial composting, without need from harmful chemical agents.

Compostable   Compostable

VerTerra Dinnerware is BPI-certified compostable. Not only is VerTerra certified compostable, but tests show that compost that contains VerTerra enhances plant growth over 15%.

Sustainable   Sustainable

VerTerra is made from fallen leaves, steam, heat and pressure only. No plants or trees are cut down to make VerTerra. What could be more sustainable than fallen leaves most frequently otherwise burned?

Sun Resistant   Sun Resistant

The sun has no effect on VerTerra, so you can feel confident using VerTerra for outdoor events, bbq's and more.

Durable & Versatile   Durable & Versatile

VerTerra stands up to hot foods and liquids. VerTerra can take what you're dishing: Chili, soup, dishes with sauces and more. VerTerra won't impart a taste and also acts as a natural insulator which helps when carrying hot items.

Oven Safe   Oven Safe

VerTerra products are safe to use for reheating or a short bake in the oven, up to 350 degrees, up to 45 minutes, but please keep it at least 6 inches from the heat source.

Microwave Safe   Microwave Safe

VerTerra products are safe to use for reheat in the microwave on High, for up to 2 minutes.