Our Story

Making a Difference in the World,

One Party at a Time

As CEO Michael Dwork drove a bumpy journey along a dirt road in rural India, an exchange on the side of the road caught his eye. A woman was soaking leaves in water and pressing them in a crude waffle iron. She dished up classic Indian street food on the palm-leaf plate and handed it to the customer. At that moment, Michael saw the world change before his eyes. The ecofriendly, stylish, single-use leaf dinnerware could be produced in an instant, but the impact on the world would be endless.
VerTerra offers a chic touch of nature to each table, with its beautiful design and sustainable production. Lightweight, yet sturdy, VerTerra compostable products can withstand hot and cold foods and liquids and the sun. Use VerTerra to reheat meals in the microwave or oven, or to store leftovers in the fridge.  Not only are our palm leaf plates completely safe for the environment, but they’re safe for us too! Our compostable products are created from only fallen palm leaves and water, no glues, plastics, lacquers, veneers or toxins are used.
While we can’t ensure that your meal will be guilt free, we can ensure that your dinnerware is.

Corporate Responsibility

VerTerra is rooted in the latin phrase “veritas terra”, which means “true to the Earth”. Here at VerTerra Dinnerware, we are inspired by that phrase every day. Our mission is to produce the highest quality products at fair prices using sustainable production methods and fair wage labor. As a biodegradable, durable, and safe product, our leaf dinnerware appeals to the environmentally and socially conscious consumer. We stay true to the Earth by borrowing an agricultural byproduct (fallen palm leaves) and returning them to the Earth through compost. Our goal is to conserve resources for future generation.

Social Responsibility

At VerTerra Dinnerware, we strive to help communities with limited access to resources. Our compostable products are produced in Southern Asia, where we have created hundreds of fair-waged jobs. A stable and safe environment that supersedes international requirements has been established for our workers. We provide the necessary training and experience to teach our craftspeople the skills essential to success. Our aim is to significantly improve the lives of our workers by offering them rewarding jobs with above-average compensation, while simultaneously improving the environment.

Environmental Responsibility

Our top priority is to be true to the Earth. We are always proposing new ways to make the entire process- from gathering materials, to bringing our leaf dinnerware to your party-more eco-friendly.

The first step in making our leaf dinnerware is to collect fallen leaves from plantations. Trees are not cut down during this method. The leaves are then brought into the factory, where they are sprayed with high-pressure water, steamed and UV sterilized. Over 80% of the water used in this process is recaptured and reused. In fact, the whole manufacturing processes only requires 10% of the energy used in recycling. No chemicals, lacquers, glues, bonding agents, or other toxins are added to our compostable products, which keeps your meal and our Earth free from harm.