Meal Delivery Made Easy with Sustainable Bento Boxes

Meal Delivery Made Easy with Sustainable Bento Boxes

March 09, 2021


Due to the coronavirus pandemic that began in early 2020, meal delivery services are currently experiencing exponential growth as more and more consumers prefer not to leave their homes in search of food.


The rapid growth has called on the industry to find more sustainable solutions to help deliver meals without contributing to the world’s overarching waste problem.  


Luckily, there are more sustainable solutions that ever before, especially with the introduction of the Bento Box at VerTerra.


Learn more about this incredible new product below, and be sure to contact us at if you have any questions.


Bento Box - Sustainable Trifold Meal Delivery Box


Say goodbye to the common paperboard to-go boxes of yesteryear and say hello to the new VENTO collection at VerTerra.


These sustainable paperboard bento boxes are just what you need to take your meal delivery service to the next level.


They are more elegant than your common delivery box, yet still quite affordable to ensure your business is able to stick to its margins with ease.


Their price is kept low by the sturdy kraft paper construction, while the delicate contents inside are provided a long shelf life due to a water and oil proof RPET liner.


Instead of piling all your precious foods into a single compartment where each separate flavor can hardly be detected, you have the option of splitting things up with three separate compartments. This is surely a win for customers who prefer their food not to mix and for chefs who want to showcase their impeccable flavor combinations.  

Bento To Go Box


No stone has been left turned over with everything being carefully considered, including your travel time.

These boxes have four secure locking sections to ensure a safe delivery, no matter how bump the ride may be. The eating experience has been elevated with a patented fold-back lid that allows customers to feel as though they’re eating off a plate rather than a clam shell. Surely, this is the future of packaging that meal delivery services have been longing for.

Let us help you find a more sustainable solution for your meal delivery business that will also be a hit with your customers.

Our Bento Boxes are affordable and elegantly designed to ensure your food is on display as the star of the show.

There are currently three different sizes available on our website, so head there now to get your Bento Boxes in time for your next round of deliveries. For any questions, please reach out to, and we’ll be happy to discuss your specific needs.