Patented and Patent Pending

The following Verterra Ltd. products are protected by patents in the United States and elsewhere. This website is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including Section 16 of the America Invents Act. Additional patents may be pending in the US and elsewhere.
Category Products Patent Marking
Palm Leaf Plate 01-00-13P US D836,988 S
Palm Leaf Plate 02-25-02C US D837,605 S
Palm Leaf Plate 02-25-03C US D837,606 S
Palm Leaf Plate 02-25-04C US D837,608 S
Palm Leaf Plate 02-25-05C US D837,607 S
Collapsible Box TG-CB-4X6, TG-CB-6X6, TG-CB-7X7, TG-CB-6X8, TG-CB-8X1, TG-CB-1x8, TG-CB-1X5, TG-CB-5X1 US 9,505,536 B2
Vento Dividers TG-BB-6x8, WB-BB-6x8, TG-BB-8x1, WB-BB-8x1 US 10,745,168 B2
Collapsible Box / window WB-CB-4X6, WB-CB-6X8, WB-BB-6x8, WB-CB-8X1, WB-BB-8x1 US D894,728 S
Collapsible Box TG-CB-4X6, WB-CB-4X6, TG-CB-6X6, TG-CB-6X8, TG-CB-6X8H, TG-BB-6x8, WB-CB-6X8, WB-BB-6x8, TG-CB-7X7, TG-CB-8X1, TG-BB-8x1, WB-CB-8X1, WB-BB-8x1, TG-CB-1X8, TG-CB-1X5, TG-CB-1X5H, TG-CB-5X1, TG-CB-5X1H US D860,778 S