Compostable Wedding Plates for The Eco-Friendly Couple

Compostable Wedding Plates for The Eco-Friendly Couple

February 18, 2021

There’s a lot that goes into a wedding behind the scenes, and one of the biggest decisions you’ll have to make revolves around food. However, we’re not talking about what you eat that night, but instead, what you and your guests will be eating off of! 

Believe it or not, the plates and cutlery you choose are important, and if you’re looking to keep things eco-friendly and underbudget, you might be concerned with the elegance of your options. Luckily, there are some beautiful compostable plates and cutlery out there.

Whether you’re the bride-to-be searching for the perfect plates or a wedding caterer looking to please the happy couple, take a look at some of the beautiful, eco-friendly wedding options below! You’ll be blown away by how incredible these sustainable options look on your table.

They also set the tone and show your values to your guests.  When you show your concern for the environment with your farm-to-table, organic, farm-raised food options using VerTerra’s palm plates or balsa wood packaging, it is a visual cue to your guests of your values and the choices you made.

Using disposable dinnerware also reduces the impact of your wedding – nearly all venues use rental china that needs to be washed multiple times and carted around, providing high carbon, chemical and water impact.  Using a compostable line such as VerTerra will reduce the environmental impact of your event. 


Compostable Wedding Plates with Class

VerTerra has created a beautiful, patented line of compostable dinnerware made from fallen leaves. We have so many options for your special day, from classic round lip plates to our rectangular serving trays, that it’s easy to get all the supplies you need to serve your guests a delicious meal – from the cocktails and appetizers to dinner and desserts. No matter what you or your caterer might need to get food from the kitchen to the table, we’re certain we have a sustainable option that can get the job done. 

These disposable wedding plates are BPI-certified compostable, and they’re an all-natural product made only from fallen palm leaves with steam, heat, and pressure. We don’t have to use chemicals or cut down any trees to make these plates, which makes them the ultimate eco-friendly option for your wedding day. They’re also microwave, oven, and refrigerator safe, which means your catering company won’t have to work around the serveware to get food prepped. They can incorporate these compostable plates right into their plan for cooking and reheating each signature dish or preserving their decadent desserts.


 6x6x Deep Palm Leaf Plates

3.5 in. Palm Leaf Bowls

 6x6 Palm Leaf Plates


Cocktail Hour Solutions

5 x 5 Fixed Side Tray

 Cocktail hour doesn’t have to be left out from the sustainable party, as there are plenty alternatives to plastic straws, paper plates, and plastic picks. Start off by placing your appetizers on our some of our balsa wood serveware with a few bamboo picks to help guests grab a bite. Both options are economical and eco-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about the mess that’s created after passing out hundreds of hors d'oeuvres.

For the bar, there are some incredible compostable straws that aren’t made of paper or plastic. Instead, these are formed from wheat stems with minimal processing, making them a great natural alternative for your specialty drinks. These plastic straw alternatives won’t ruin the environment, and compared to paper straws, they don’t get soggy and are great with cold or hot beverages. So, whether you’ve got a signature cocktail or a spiked hot chocolate on your menu, these stable straws will be the perfect sipping solution. 

Sustainable Wedding Cutlery

Plastic forks aren’t the most sustainable option for your disposable cutlery. Plus, your wedding deserves something a bit classier that can stand up to steak, raw veggies, and even hot liquids. Bring on our sustainable line of wooden cutlery. These eco-friendly forks and knifes help your guests enjoy the meal while you enjoy the easy clean-up process.

These eco-friendly options and more are all available on the VerTerra website now, so if you’re ready to host the most amazing, sustainable wedding of your dreams, then place your order today and mark one more item off the list on your way to “I Do!

With these options and more on the VerTerra website, it’s easy to have a beautiful and sustainable wedding without sacrificing quality. These economical and disposable options are miles ahead of plastic and paper dinnerware, so grab what you need for your wedding event today and feel good about the eco-friendly options you’re selecting.

To speak with one of our distributors or a sales representative who can help you select the perfect compostable wedding plates for your big day, please email We look forward to serving you!

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