Grazing Boards aka (Meat & Cheese Boards): A Gift, Serving Surface, And Guest Pleaser

Grazing Boards aka (Meat & Cheese Boards): A Gift, Serving Surface, And Guest Pleaser

March 21, 2022

One of the fastest growing trends is the Grazing Board. Whether at a bar, fast casual restaurant,  an at home event or a larger celebration.  Make it yourself or pick one up pre-made it delights any crowd. The fun thing about it is you can customize it to your event and your dietary restrictions and it can be interpreted however you want.  So Dress it up or down

The ultimate utility player in the catering arsenal.  It can be used to serve a variety of foods such as cheese (cow, sheep, goat or dairy free), toast point or GF cracker, dried fruits, nuts, olives, sliced meats or go totally meat free.  Add some honey, fig jam or other preserve and you have  a crowd pleaser.  

Materials for Making a Convenient Cheese Board

Cheeseboards come in a lot of materials and you can choose one for yourself depending on your taste. Traditionally Cheese boards come in marble, slate, wood planks, or plastic trays.  But they were all heavy and needed sanding, maintenance, and oiling.  In the past few years palm and disposable wood have been developed by companies like VerTerra to be great single use options for grazing boards.

From the available variety, the best choice could be made based on its appearance, durability, and quality. It is one of the most creative ways by which you could ensure maximum efficiency in the kitchen while not sacrificing the look of the product.

Wood being one of the most adaptable materials becomes an ideal choice not only for cheeses but also for items like meats and veggies. Wood provides anti microbial properties but scratches easily and part of the reason VerTerra invented its patent pending boards is to provide the traditional look of cheese board without the time consuming and expensive maintenance.

It should be kept in mind  that for pre-made boards  cedar planks originally  for grilling fish will very quickly dry out cheese where the VerTerra Boards have a waxed paper on top to eliminate the drying process.  

Benefits Of Using A Cheese Board

A well-prepared cheese plate is an excellent way to welcome friends and family members. Furthermore, with the help of the greatest cheese boards, you can provide them with the best snack. However, there are numerous advantages to having a cheeseboard:

1 It is a multipurpose piece of equipment

You can use it for chopping, serving or simply using it as a piece of decor. It’s something that is going to be of use in one way or the other. It is part of the look but also isn't overstated.

2 Presentation

Whether a simple plate of cubed cheese with a toothpick, a collection of cheese wedges with knives, or a fully integrated board of meats and cheeses enhanced with crackers and spreads

3 Convenience

A Meat and Cheese Board can be prepared well in advance of your guests showing up, and most cheeses need to get to room temperature before serving so by being prepared early you are enhancing the experience.

4 Portion Control

Do you go individual, multi-mini board or BIG.  They all create different experiences and visual impacts but the great thing is they are all loved by guests

5 Enhance with Side Plates?

If you choose anything but individual boards you may want to access with mini 2x4 cheese boards as “plates” or a  4in mini plate is great for a few slices or cubes,  a 6 inch gives you a great size for plating or cocktail parties

The cheese board has stood the test of time just being reinvented in look and and which delicious product is being served.  Excellent hosts have for centuries have enhanced their tables with a beautifully presented board of meats and cheese but never before have you had the convenience of compostable disposable one  you can entertain on guilt free till now.

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