New Concepts For Catering in 2021

March 16, 2021

With the ongoing pandemic, things within the catering and events industry are still shifting and adapting to meet the current needs of customers.


While health and safety are top priorities, there’s still a need for beautiful and functional design when it comes to displaying food.


However, this gets harder to achieve when you have to focus on individual meal kits and single use serveware.


Hence, why we’re discussing some of the new concepts in catering that have emerged, thanks to social distancing rules and COVID-19.


Take a look at some of the up-and-coming trends in the industry below, as well as the specific VerTerra products that pair perfectly with each one.


More Outdoor Gatherings

Limited space indoors makes it harder to practice social distancing at events, so many have turned to the great outdoors as the setting of their next gathering.


This means chefs and caters have to get creative with how they store and deliver food, as outdoor gatherings present a few extra worries that aren’t usually encountered during indoor events, such as poor weather conditions or buzzing insects.


Luckily, there are plenty of options for sustainable containers with lids that keep food secure and fresh from kitchen to table. Take a look at our covered trays and collapsible boxes for some beautiful inspiration!

6 x 8 Deep Covered Tray Sustainably Made From Fallen Leaves

6” x 8” Covered Trays



4” x 6”Collapsible Boxes


Boxed Meals and Meal-Kits

While there’s nothing quite as exciting as attending a large event and being served a decadent meal on a fancy platter, it’s evident that the current pandemic has put a damper on our gatherings for the foreseeable future.

This means catering companies all around the world have had to shift their focus from reusable pretty plates for food to beautifully boxed meals.

Keeping everything in its own individual container prevents people from having to wonder around and collect their meal, and it also eliminates the need for guests to serve themselves and all use the same equipment.

Plus, the clean-up process is made simpler and more efficient, thanks to the single-use serveware, so there’s no one stuck washing dishes at the end of the night.

Collapsible Trifold Bento Box - Sustainable To-go and Carry Out box

Press Board Bento Boxes




Grab-and-Go Stations

Instead of having your guests serve themselves with the same ladles everyone else has touched, you can individually package each serving of an appetizer or dessert to keep things more sanitary. Not only does this stop people from touching the same utensils, but it can also help keep lines at bay, as guests simply grab their own serving and go. The infamous dessert or appetizer walls, like pictured below, are some of the more creative options available for your event right now. There are plenty of options for displaying your appetizer and desserts in a beautiful and sustainable way over on VerTerra.com.


5” x 5” Mini Cheese Boards


2.5" Palm Leaf Hors D'oeuvre Serving Bowls

2.5" Palm Leaf Hors D'oeuvre Serving Bowls

We’re proud to carry many of the industry’s leading single-use serveware and dinnerware that not only looks great, but also helps out the environment. Check out the options above and so much more at VerTerra.com and be sure to reach out to us at sales@VerTerra.com if you have any questions!

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