Shop Fallen Palm Leaf, Disposable Plates & Bowls at Verterra

Shop Fallen Palm Leaf, Disposable Plates & Bowls at Verterra

June 03, 2022

Because they are made entirely of fallen palm leaves and decompose in the environment, sustainable disposable dinnerware is a more environmentally friendly alternative to throwaway plastic tableware. Furthermore, they are more substantial, easier to recycle, and have a gorgeous texture and attractive designs, in addition to being more solid and recyclable.

Palm leaf plates can be made in a variety of shapes that include square, hexagonal, round, and other variations, these disposable plates, and bowls are an excellent choice for a wide range of occasions, including parties, barbecues, weddings, celebrations, long-awaited family reunions, and whatnot! In this article, we are going to discuss what makes disposable palm leaf plates and bowls of Verterra different and a few recommendations among which you can choose.

What makes the disposable plates and bowls at Verterra different?

Let’s have a look at a few features of the plates and bowls available at Verterra:

  • All out plates are bowls are made using biodegradable and compostable fallen palm leaf which makes them very friendly to the environment.
  • You can easily use them to heat your food in a microwave or oven. The material won’t get damaged.
  • The disposable plates & bowls can be stored in a refrigerator. Normally the cups and plates turn soggy within a few hours but at Verterra you get high-quality plates and bowls which won’t start dripping in the refrigerator!
  • At Verterra, all our plates and bowls are made and manufactured only in our factories, and nothing is outsourced. By this, we can keep a check on the quality of the products and we can offer you these products at economical prices and no third person is involved.
  • Our palm leaf plates and bowls are made entirely of natural materials and do not contain any adhesive or glaze.
  • With a distinctive appearance, a gorgeous texture, and delicate colors that capture the eye and add elegance to any party or wedding table, disposable palm leaf plates and bowls at Verterra are a must-have.

Explore Among Our Wide Range Of Disposable Plates And Bowls

Here are some amazing options among which you can explore:

#1 2.5" Palm Leaf Hors D'oeuvre Serving Bowls

2.5 Palm Leaf Hors D'oeuvre Serving Bowls

These cute little bowls are 2.5 inches in diameter and can be used to serve sauces and dips along with the main course. It will give a very appealing look to your plating. If you have guests who are showing up at your place and you don’t have a good serving bowl then you can count on these ones without giving a second thought. You can even serve single bite dishes at a cocktail party such as nuggets and cheese balls!

If you are looking for a multipurpose serving bowl then these will definitely serve the purpose!




The VerTerra 4 x 10 inch Palm Leaf Trays can be used as multipurpose trays. These are ideal for serving desserts, wraps, side dishes, momos, and even four scoops of ice cream in style. When used with our other rectangular dinnerware, these palm leaf serving trays can be used to bring some fun and flair to your next gathering. You can use it to serve a side dish or dessert along with the main course. 

These palm leaf trays do not warp or stick onto your food, and don’t get punctured with holes easily, as might be the case with plastic plates, making them a safer, stronger, and more practical solution for serving multi-course meals.



Made using 100% palm leaves, our 6 x 11 inch 2 compartment palm leaf plate is a combination of a 6 inch bowl that can carry food up to 12 ounces and a 4 x 6 side compartment that can hold an additional 8 ounces. You can easily have a proper full-course meal in it. Eating in it becomes very convenient and fun because of the separate partitions. If you want to have two separate snacks or you want to munch on nachos with a dip, you can use the compartments separately!



The 9 x 9 inch 5 Compartment Palm Leaf Plates are ideal for any BBQ or get-together, as the sections enable food to be kept separate on the plate while serving multiple people. The center of the plate can be used as a container to add sauce or spreads. This plate has an elegant and stylish design which makes it suitable for both, casual and formal settings. Be it a party or a business lunch, you can serve your guests a platter in the compartments of these palm leaf plates and leave it on them to decide what they want to choose to eat first!

Conclusion Up

Disposable palm leaf plates and bowls are the greatest solutions for all your events because they are environmentally friendly, attractive, and reasonably priced. They not only help to conserve the environment, but they also provide an air of sophistication to your table, making your occasion even more special and memorable. If you want to do your part to safeguard the environment, our exclusive range of palm leaf plates and bowls is the ideal option! Explore our website and purchase the ones that appeal to you the most today!

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