Eco-Friendly Dinnerware For Thanksgiving

Ultimate Thanksgiving Checklist for Less Cleanup

November 23, 2020

Everyone at your Thanksgiving dinner might not agree that buttery mashed potatoes are the superior side dish, but something most people can probably agree on is that the aftermath of this delicious feast is the least enjoyable part of the holiday.

No one wants to spend their whole day cooking only to find themselves washing dishes all night.

Plus, with safety being a major concern this year, you don’t want to be the one who has to touch everyone’s used dishes.

This year, more than ever, you deserve to host a beautiful Thanksgiving feast without worrying about the clean-up.

This ultimate Thanksgiving checklist will help you find disposable (and eco-friendly) versions of everything you need for your holiday banquet, so you can spend less time cleaning up the dishes and more time making memories.


Disposable Serveware and Cheeseboards

Fixed Side Small Dish Sets - Starting at $1
8" x 8" medium biodegradable square cheese board

8" X 8" Medium Square Single-Use Cheese Board - Starting at $17.00 


It’s easy to keep the appetizers coming when you’ve got beautiful disposable serveware and single-use cheeseboards ready to go.


Whether you’re planning the ultimate charcuterie spread for your epic feast or a small selection of delicious bite-sized treats, these disposable options will help you impress your guests without having to break out your best china.


Bonus: all of these items are compostable and biodegradable, so you don’t have to feel guilty for using disposable dinnerware at your Thanksgiving feast! Now that’s what we call a win-win situation.


Covered Trays for Outdoor Gatherings

Biodegradable Covered Tray

Covered Trays - Starting at $8.25


While bugs certainly aren’t out and about at this time of year, you still want to ensure your Thanksgiving feast is fully protected during any outdoor gatherings.


These covered trays can help do the trick, especially if you’re responsible for delivering everyone’s favorite mac and cheese or green bean casserole.


Our patent-pending, locking lid closure keeps things sealed against the elements while the simple, yet elegant looking tray helps show off your food with pride – much better than those aluminum foil containers you can buy at the local supermarket!


Disposable Dinnerware Made from Fallen Leaves

Biodegradable Covered Tray Bottom With Thanksgiving Meal

11" X 15" X 1.25" Fixed Side Large Tray and Degradable Small Serveware


Ditch the common paper and Styrofoam plates you can find at any old grocery store and opt for something a bit classier that’s still just as easy to clean up.


There’s nothing more fitting for the season than Verterra’s disposable dinnerware made from fallen leaves.


Not only will these disposable plates make your food look amazing, but they’ll also leave you feeling good when the feast is over because they’re biodegradable and compostable. You can find a variety of sizes and shapes on our website to accommodate your appetizers, main course, and desserts.


Disposable Flatware You Can Feel Good About

Degradable Cutlery Made From Fallen Palm Leaves

Biodegradable Cutlery Made From Fallen Palm Leaves Perfect For A Thanksgiving Dinner


No sustainable Thanksgiving feast is complete without some disposable cutlery that can stand up to turkey, raw veggies, and hot liquids! Choose from a variety of wooden flatware options, including spoons, forks, and knives, or opt for our Plantware® range of compostable silverware made from 100% renewable resources. There’s no doubt that these are better than any plastic or paper alternative you can find! Plus, you won’t have to feel guilty about filling up your trash, as these can all be disposed of in an eco-friendly way. 


Wooden Bakery Baskets for Your Delicious Desserts

Biodegradable Wooden Baskets For Thanksgiving Deserts

Panibois Wooden Baking Baskets - Starting at $11.55


For the hostess with the mostest, these wooden bakery baskets are a no brainer.


Why fumble around with ugly plastic containers to send guests home with your delicious treats when you can place them in these beautiful bakery baskets instead?


These non-toxic, chemical-free bakery baskets are oven, steamer, microwave, and freezer safe up to 480 degrees, so you can use them to make all the pumpkin bread and pecan pie you want!


They’ll look so much nicer on your Thanksgiving table than an aluminum foil pie dish, and they’ll also help your conscious feel good when the feast is over because they’re fully biodegradable.  


Compostable and Paper To-Go Boxes for Leftovers

Compostable To-Go Boxes - Starting at $11.55


Are you tired of filling your fridge with leftovers after Thanksgiving?


Then get some to-go boxes to send home with your guests after the meal! We have a few compostable to-go boxes that would be great for baked goods, or some classic Kraft paper to-go boxes for the extra turkey and sides.


Did we mention some of them even have divided compartments to keep things from mixing?


You can thank us later for this one! (;

Paperboard To-Go Boxes - Starting at $4.50


Now that you know what to grab in advance for your Thanksgiving feast, we hope you’re ready to throw an incredible, sustainable dinner party for your closest loved ones.


These disposable plates and cutlery options can not only help you limit your clean up, but it can also make your clean-up process safer this year, since you won’t be touching any used plates or silverware after the feast.


For help finding out exactly what you need to host the ultimate Thanksgiving, you can use our party supply calculator! This gives you some insight on how to plan ahead for dinner parties, cocktail hours, and even picnics or BBQs.


We hope you have a lovely and safe holiday weekend!

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