VerTerra Dinnerware Production Facility in India

VerTerra Dinnerware Opens New Partner Factory in Ujire, India, Reinforcing Commitment to Sustainability and Innovation

December 01, 2023


New York, NY – September 6, 2023 - VerTerra Dinnerware LTD, the pioneer in sustainable and compostable food packaging and serveware products, is thrilled to announce the opening of its brand-new partner factory in Ujire, India. The state-of-the-art facility, spanning over 75,000 square feet, was officially inaugurated on August 28th, 2023.

The new factory is a testament to VerTerra's commitment to innovation and sustainability. This partner factory development was focused on advancing the outdated processes, technology and manual labor needed to produce VerTerra's flagship product, the palm plate. VerTerra was the first manufacturer that introduced palm as an sustainable alternative to single-use plastics over 18 years ago.

"Our cutting-edge technology will not only more than double our throughput but also significantly reduce physical manpower, while simultaneously creating high-value positions," stated Michael Dwork, CEO of VerTerra Dinnerware. To provide context to this exponential increase, looking at only two of their 200+ products, the facility can now produce a staggering total of 100,000 plates and 10,000 trays per day. These monumental operational advancements will not only elevate the quality of our products but also drive down the overall cost of production.

Unique to VerTerra Dinnerware, these advancements will support the mission of VerTerra's inception: providing the food and beverage industry with affordable access to sustainable and compostable food packaging and serving products that generate minimal waste and eliminate the need for single-use plastic.

Dwork further added, "It's critical to support the growth of the sustainable disposable industry as it matures. We've seen many poorly made and questionable items enter into this space over the last 5 years that claim to be comparable to VerTerra. Cheap doesn't necessarily mean better, which raises major concerns about how it could negatively affect the industry as a whole." 

VerTerra Dinnerware LTD holds its manufacturing process to the highest standards to ensure no PFOA, PFOS, or any harmful additives are used. The company has been refining its processes since 2006 to deliver superior quality products.

Michael Dwork, CEO of VerTerra Dinnerware, emphasizes, “Production isn't just about creating the product; it also involves meticulous advance preparation and cleaning of the leaves, careful handling during production, precise packing of the finished product, and a sealing process that maintains its quality and natural attributes. Missing any of these crucial steps results in a sub-par product that's unfit for use in any food and beverage business, let alone for home use.”

VerTerra Dinnerware is proud to be BPI certified compostable and recently received its CMA certification approval for all its palm products. The new factory will significantly boost production from 100k/day in 2023 to 250k/day in one year's time.

"I am excited about this opening for more reasons than one," said Dwork. "Of course, it will dramatically expand our production capacity, but the real reason I am excited is how it will positively impact the local economy in India, the livelihood of our employees, and the communities in which they live."

About VerTerra Dinnerware

VerTerra Dinnerware LTD is a leading provider of sustainable, compostable food packaging and serveware products. VerTerra was the first manufacturer in 2006 of what is now known as a palm plate, a sustainable alternative to single-use plastics. VerTerra also manufactures proprietary designs for additional sustainable product lines such as bento boxes made from balsa wood, paperboard boxes, trays, serving boats and cones, bamboo picks, utensils and more, all from sustainable resources. Since its inception, VerTerra has been committed to delivering innovative solutions that support a more sustainable future. For more information, please visit

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