VerTerra's Quick Guide to: The Balsa Wood Line

VerTerra's Quick Guide to: The Balsa Wood Line

December 07, 2017


Holiday Palm Leaf and Balsa Wood products VerTerra Dinnerware


The holidays are here and every host is wondering what to make, how to present it, and still trying to figure out what the kids are going to wear. Here's where VerTerra comes in! While we can't pick out the holiday outfits for the family, we can help with the stylishly sustainable balsa wood trays, boxes and cheeseboards that will line your kitchen island and dinner table while your guests are welcomed into your home. 

What will be in these eco-chic boxes, you ask? Well, the options are endless! Take a look at these pictures to see how you can let your imagination really take over when it comes to plating for those parties.


Holiday gift packaging VerTerra Dinnerware    

Gifts for your kids' teacher's and don't have a gift bag? Use our 7x7 Balsa Wood Box and just simply add a bow! No gift wrap needed! 



Gift Wrapping Balsa Wood line

Gift baskets are so 2016!
2017 calls for more eco-chic options when you want to show the ones you love that so much time went into their gift packaging, when in reality you know it didn't take long at all. We are all about helping you making your gifts looking modern and gorgeous this holiday season!
VerTerra Holiday gift wrapping balsa wood

















Balsa wood cheeseboard holiday entertaining

Scrubbing melted cheese off of that cheeseboard you got as a wedding gift isn't what we picture as something fun to be doing after everyone's finished eating. Our cheeseboards are lightweight, come in either square or rectangle shapes and come in smaller or larger sizes. 

This is ideal for entertaining because it allows you to have options for your plated hors d'oeuvres for an elevated look. 

Balsa wood cheeseboard holiday entertaining


Balsa wood cheeseboard holiday entertaining


Stay tuned for our next blog post about how to use palm products for your holiday parties!