Beautiful Disposable Compostable Plates
Beautiful Disposable Compostable Plates | Nov. 14, 2011 | FROM THE WEB


Beautiful Disposable Compostable Plates


Verterra made from leaves placed under pressure with steam  If I told you that it was possible to make plates from leaves, I’m guessing you would get on the phone to call the men in white jackets to carry me off, but I’m not crazy, it’s true! (please step away from the phone). Verterra was born out of the simplest encounter, Michael Dwork was in India and saw a lady take a couple of leaves, soak them in water and press them into a crude looking waffle iron. After a few minutes to cool, she then proceeded to serve food on them. Now Michael can’t remember what he ate that day, but the idea of making plates from leaves stayed with him. The Verterra dinnerware range is the result of his journey that started on that day.

From leaves to dinnerware The perfect disposable party plates   Although Verterra can only recommend you use their dinnerware once, they have had clients let them know that they have hand washed their dinnerware and were able to use the plates over and over again.

The Verterra dinnerware range is available both online and in shops around the United States and internationally.