Dinnerware From Fallen Leaves™ FAQ

Find the answers here to the most commonly asked questions about VerTerra Dinnerware From Fallen Leaves™.


Are they single-use/disposable? (They seem so durable)?
We know it’s hard to believe VerTerra dinnerware is intended for single-use, but our line is actually fully biodegradable and compostable. Because we do not use any bonding agents, lacquers or chemicals and our product is natural and porous, we cannot legally recommend washing and reusing VerTerra.

We can, however, tell you that our customers often write in that they hand wash the palm leaf plates to enjoy them time and again.

Where do you produce your products (get the leaves)?
Our dinnerware is produced in India--there are no leaves in North America that work for this process. We own our factory where all of our workers receive fair wages in safe working conditions and are provided access to medical care.

Isn’t shipping your product from India energy inefficient?
Although ships do use energy, they are a surprisingly efficient means of transportation, especially since our products save space by packing flat. The energy used to ship a container to our warehouse is equal to a truck driving round trip from New York to Boston. We believe we have a negative carbon impact, between the millions of leaves that are saved from being burned and our hyper-efficient factory.

Is VerTerra dinnerware completely non-toxic?
Yes! VerTerra is proud to manufacture non-toxic dinnerware. Because our products are made with only leaves and water, VerTerra dinnerware is completely non-toxic. 

Are VerTerra products clean? Do I need to wash them before I use them?
You can serve meals on our products straight out of the package! All VerTerra dinnerware is cleaned and UV sterilized in our factory no less than three times, so they’re extremely clean.

Will VerTerra products affect the taste of my food?
No. VerTerra products won’t alter the taste of your food in any way. Additionally, the issue of food leaching is diminished since no lacquers are used in the process (which is a problem plastics or PLA plastics/bioplastics face)

Is it safe to put VerTerra dishes in a microwave, oven, or fridge?
Yes, within reason. VerTerra dinnerware is significantly more durable than plastic or paper plates. It’s perfectly safe to heat VerTerra in the microwave for up to 2 minutes on high or in an oven up to 350 degrees for 45 minutes (making sure they are at least 6" from heat source). You can also store VerTerra products in the refrigerator or freezer.

Are VerTerra dishes recyclable?
No. Recycling involves melting permanent materials (i.e. metals, glass, plastic, and etc), and reforming them for reuse. Since our products are made from leaves, they’re compostable, non-toxic, and will naturally return to the earth in 2 months. This process uses 90% less energy than recycling.

Do VerTerra Dishes hold liquids?
Yes: liquids, soups and anything else you can cook up!

Who makes VerTerra Products?
We do. Unlike many companies that outsource production to cut costs, we proudly own all of our production facilities so that we can ensure the highest manufacturing standards and working conditions for our employees. All VerTerra employees work in conditions compliant with international standards and earn a steady income to support their families.

What is the return and refund policy?
Returns will only be accepted for damaged dinnerware. If you believe you have received dinnerware in such condition, please contact customercare@verterra.com or call 212-760-1200.

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