Green Gift Guide
Green Gift Guide
Green Among Gray | Dec. 05, 2008 | FROM THE WEB

Verterra Single-Use Dinnerware

Being green is about being altruistic. It's about being concerned for something greater than the individual. It's about caring about our world and our kids world.

It IS all those things. But sometimes, it's also about being cool.

And nothing will get the guests at your next soiree murmuring 'wow, cool," like Verterra's dinnerware made from leaves.

That's right, leaves. More specifically, fallen palm leaves gathered in South Asia and pressed together using only water, no chemicals. Founder Michael Dwork says the process uses 90% less energy than recycling.

You can use Verterra plates/bowls/platters in the microwave, the oven, whatever (better skip the dishwasher, though) and toss them in your compost heap the next morning they naturally biodegrade in 2 months.

The best thing about Verterra? It allows you to inject ultra-hip uniqueness into your party and be a steward for the Earth at the same time.

Packs of 8 run between $4.99 and $6.99.