How To Throw a Party on a Budget by Budget Bash
How To Throw a Party on a Budget by Budget Bash
The Upside of Downsizing | Nov. 02, 2009 | FROM THE WEB

I just love parties. Some might say it's in my DNA. So when the holidays roll around and the invitations start arriving, I'm one happy gal. In some cases, my friends' annual parties are my only time to catch up with certain members of our group. It's just so much fun to get festive and enjoy the season with loved ones.

As any good host or hostess knows, planning ahead is key to a successful party. So it's never too early to start the party planning process.

However, this year, many people are thinking about putting their holiday party plans on hold due to cost concerns. If you're on the fence about your annual get-together, I have an idea for you.

Beverly Hills Event Planner, Andrea Wyn Schall, has written a new step-by-step guide called "Budget Bash - Simply Fabulous Events on a Budget."

And she should know! Andrea has over a decade of experience organizing high-end events, a roster of impressive clients including the Screen Actors Guild Awards®, and two Special Event Gala Award nominations (the top award of the events industry).

"I wrote this book to show people how to create elegant events that replicate the fantastic Hollywood parties they see in magazines in a way that's easy and accessible for them," says Schall. "I'll show you how to maximize the time you spend planning and minimize the effort and stress." Schall also advises her readers not to be intimidated by party planning and to "HAVE FUN!"

Here's her tip for throwing a Green Party
For green parties, try VerTerra plates, bowls and trays, stylish eco-friendly disposable dinnerware made from fallen palm leaves. VerTerra uses renewable resources and the company promotes fair wage labor and sustainable production methods. They are a great choice for party planners to use at their green parties because after they are used, they can be placed in a compost heap or container and returned back to the earth.

Andrea's book includes recipes for everyone and is filled with color photos and step-by-step instructions, so even the most inexperienced host can throw an elegant affair. Nice, huh! She even includes sample event timelines, budgets and checklists, as well as hints for recycling/reusing to save money and the environment. Love that!

Andrea can also act as your "virtual event planner," advising you by phone or e-mail on contract negotiations, theme, décor, entertainment ideas and other details to help you produce a fabulous event.

The book, in digital e-book or paperback, is found on Andrea's website. It's handy for this coming holiday season...or for any upcoming event such as a wedding, birthday or reunion.

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