Lite Green: Served From Nature, VerTerra Pressed Leaf Trays and Bowls Green Your 4th
Lite Green: Served From Nature, VerTerra Pressed Leaf Trays and Bowls Green Your 4th
Greenopolis | Jul. 01, 2009 | FROM THE WEB


No one likes to spend the better part of her July 4th celebration in the kitchen washing up. Even if you use single-use plates and cups, what about serve ware?  Yes, you can serve watermelon on newspapers straight from a picnic table, but I wouldn’t recommend trying it with chili or ribs. What to do, what to do, what to do...? 

Get out Granny’s flag platter - Or maybe...try Verterra single-use trays and bowls!

Even if you would normally use your prettiest ceramic serving pieces for your potato salad and turkey burgers, this year, you have a reason to rethink it.

Verterra tableware is beautiful, practical and eco-wonderful. It has a rustic, earthy quality that looks a little like veneer or some kind of exotic wood.  They come in interesting squares and ovals with stylishly rounded corners, in a bevy of sizes to fit any need.  They really do look too pretty to be “disposable” or anything like recyclable or compostable. They’re oven, freezer and microwave safe (really!)  And while intended for single-use, many people say they have hand-washed the pieces and reused them many times. The only complaint I’ve heard about them is that they tend to stain when coupled with foods like tomato sauce or beets. 

They’re made in South Asia from 100% collected fallen leaves that would normally be burned.  Through a process that uses only water for steam, heat, pressure, and UV sterilization, the leaves are transformed into durable products that are as beautiful as they are eco-friendly.  If discarded, they will naturally compost in 2 months.

Verterra tableware contains no chemicals, waxes, dyes or harmful toxins. Another thing to feel good about, it’s a fair trade product too. All Verterra employees receive a fair wage, work in safe conditions and have access to health care.

Check out the full line of products at and then get started on your Independence Day celebration with one of my favorite recipes from Yumsugar. 

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