Picnic: Four great products for sustainable outdoor eating
Picnic: Four great products for sustainable outdoor eating
The Tranquil Parent | May. 13, 2009 | FROM THE WEB


We've been thinking more about sustainability for products that might be treated as "use and discard" by even eco-conscious parents under certain circumstances, and about minimizing our use of short-lifespan plastics. On that note, we've collected a mix of items that reflect a level of quality that really pleases us, and allows us to enjoy outdoor dining with less waste, less hassle, and more beauty, often at the same time.

Verterra's disposable tableware made of fallen leaves - yes, you read that right - is beautiful, durable, but single-use and expensive, and at first it had us scratching our heads. Why would anyone buy disposable bowls and plates for 90 cents apiece or more? How could anyone feel good about using such beautiful dishware in the first place when it had to be thrown away afterwards? But the more we thought about it - and the couple of times we used Verterra's gorgeous, sturdy disposable plates and bowls for lovely outdoor meals - the more we realized that special occasions often call for special expenditures. It's all a question of where you want to spend your money, and we've seen plenty of parties where disposable plastic dishes were used that might easily have cost this much. With Verterra disposables, you're establishing the perfect natural mood for a fancy outdoor dinner party, a wedding reception, or any other celebration or get-together that calls for warmth and class - and, best of all, it's a choice that really does help the environment.

Thick and sturdy

It's hard to dress up paper plates, but these unbleached gems got thrown in our compost bin each time we used them, just as paper plates would - and the strange but wonderful feeling of composting something that was beautifully made but designed to be discarded never got old. If we ever have a fancy party in our future and the budget to go with it, we'd buy these in a heartbeat. If you like to try before making a big purchase for an event, order a sample pack. Online at the Verterra website.
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