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Sylishly Sustainable VerTerra Palm Leaf Plates

Dinnerware From Fallen Leaves™

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VerTerra plates are chic, with natural markings decorating each plate for an all-natural, unique dining experience. Made from 100% renewable sources, VerTerra is BPI-certified compostable. No trees or plants were cut down. Stands up to hot foods and liquids, safe for short bakes in the oven and microwave reheat. Formal or casual.

How VerTerra Stacks Up

sustainability Made simply using only water and fallen leaves — an agricultural waste product — that are gathered, cleaned and pressed.
chemicals All VerTerra products are non-toxic and free of any chemicals, glues, veneers and other unmentionables.
versatility Strong and sturdy, VerTerra plates are perfect for any event:
* Microwave reheat up to 2 minutes on high
* Oven-safe up to 350° for up to 45 minutes
* Stands up to hot foods and liquids: maintains shape and won't transfer heat
* Won't melt in the sun
compostability BPI-certified compostable; breaks down within 60 days and acts as fertilizer for soil.
style One-of-a-kind unique, only beautiful natural markings decorate the plates
cost Approximately half the price of bamboo
compostable wooden cutlery

Compostable Wooden Cutlery

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Grab'n'Go and Take Away

Coming soon! Compostable wooden to-go containers. To preorder, please email

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