Tips for a Zero-Waste Barbecue
Tips for a Zero-Waste Barbecue
Mindful Mama | Jul. 01, 2009 | FROM THE WEB


Want to host a garden party that Emily Post would be proud of, but without racking up consumer-remorse? You can have your party and your politics too—just think neither paper nor plastic, and you’ll come out with your low carbon footprint intact. Get your grill on with our zero-waste barbecue guide:

Setting the scene

You can cut down on a lot of waste in the behind the scenes prep, such as invites, ambiance, and presentation.
Instead of paper plates, opt for real china, which has the lowest environmental impact. According to, if each US household replaced just one package of conventional paper plates each year with recyclable alternatives, 487,000 trees would be saved. Scour thrift stores for an eclectic array of dishes and cutlery, or go for biodegradable or compostable dishware, flatware, and cups made from vegetable starch, bamboo, or corn. We love VerTerra, a company that makes elegant dinnerware from pressurized fallen leaves.