VerTerra Dinnerware: Unique, Beautiful, Biodegradable
VerTerra Dinnerware: Unique, Beautiful, Biodegradable
Green Home Huddle | Mar. 10, 2009 | FROM THE WEB


VerTerra bowls, plates, and serveware are not only gorgeous, they're about as green as you can get.  Made with just fallen leaves and water, the company gets eco-bonus points for upcycling, using less energy than it takes to recycle, and recapturing 80% of the water used in production.

Now, in terms of my own personal use, I haven't tested out how the bowls hold up with hot soup or in the microwave, but I think they'd do just as well as any paper plate or bowl.  They're really quite sturdy and just because they're biodegradable, don't be fooled - they don't have to be single-use (and if you do use them just one time, you don't have to feel so guilty - just make sure you compost them). 

Dryer foods (think sandwiches or crackers) work beautifully on the plates and make for easy reuse.  Food stuffs with a little more oil/butter/sauce/juice might not treat your plates so well, leaving them a little discolored or stained.  Ah well.  They're designed to replace other single-serve ware...not your fine china.

In fact, we were lucky enough to use a few of the VerTerra platters at the Taste of Green event last month.  We served some Dr. Cracker and GoodOnYa bars on them.  And while there were attendees who loved the nibbles, there were a few who asked if they could take home the platters themselves!

A word to the wise.  Don't be surprised when the dishes get a little flexible as you handwash them (and yes, you should handwash them).  Just let them air dry completely and you'll be good to go for your next meal or cracker service. 

I haven't had it in me to toss any of my VerTerra dishes into the composter yet...but they're said to decompose in 62 days.  Not bad at all.

At the end of the day, VerTerra plates will absolutely be my go-to for biodegradable aesthetically pleasing dinnerware.