VerTerra: Leaves of Sustainable Style
VerTerra: Leaves of Sustainable Style
ecosalon | Feb. 11, 2009 | FROM THE WEB


When you think of eco friendly plates and bowls, what comes to mind? Pale, pasty, meek little things, that melt at the slightest hint of heat, and never mind going anywhere near an oven. And have you tried to actually compost or biodegrade one?

Generally there’s a disconnect between the green dream and the reality, since they often require special conditions/facilities to properly do the job, and even then, they take a fair amount of time.

What to do?

Verterra seems to have gone down the list of how to make the best possible green plates, bowls and platters, and done it all. They make them from palm leaves. Fallen palm leaves. They pay their workers a living wage. They use only steam and chilling to make them, tempering them, which makes them super sturdy. The middle layer of leaves is sappy, replacing the usual binder (aka glue) used on other green plates to give them form.

Since they’re made only from leaves and steam, they compost and biodegrade fast, as you’d expect. And Verterra have had that officially verified. It’s official, they rule the school when it comes to speediness on this front. This one quote says it best, ” VerTerra dinnerware breaks down 150% above the standard in 2/3 the time. ”

In a road test of my own, I ate chili, spaghetti, and other messy meals in one of their bowls. Yes, they’re washable and reusable. Several times! They came through just fine, ready for more. And as you can see from the pictures, they’re quite easy on the eyes, looking almost like wood.

Their new Signature line really ups aesthetics, nicely curved, modern looking, with small touches like a line around the edge. Apparently they’re on to something as I’ve been told they’re already back-ordered into March! Get on the list now so you can get this lovely compostable dinnerware yourself.

This is a guest post by Paul Smith of GreenSmithConsulting. Follow him on Twitter.